Honey in perfumery

Honey in perfumery

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Honey, a warm and sweet note

Honey is widely used in perfumery. It brings softness to floral scents and a more animal touch to oriental scents. The notes of honey are warm, sweet, fruity, nourishing and sunny. Honey also provides herbaceous, gourmet fragrances or fragrances similar to that of tobacco. Always generous, honey knows how to offer its tenacious and natural notes to the compositions. A great alchemist of nature, the bee is the emblem of the Guerlain house, which incorporates it in many perfumes, such as in Aqua Allegoria (Flora nymphéa), a floral for women. Here, the honey is positioned as a base note. Associated with fruity notes and jasmine, Aqua Allegoria (like all the series of the same name) is a true tribute to nature. In order to obtain a high quality royal jelly,the Guerlain house has installed 200 beehives in Sologne exclusively reserved for the production of this royal jelly, which is also widely used in cosmetics.

Honey and its association with the different olfactory families

Honey goes wonderfully with all olfactory families. Depending on the origin and diversity of the honey (Provence, acacia, white or mountain honey, etc.), the facets it offers are slightly different. Some are greener, others sweeter, which is why the honey note can integrate many flavors. It is true that we very often find honey in great floral perfumes such as “Ange ou Démon (The secret poetry of a winter perfume 2011)” by Givenchy. Fruity, flowery and slightly spicy, “Ange ou Démon” is reminiscent of a delicacy that we taste in secret. Honey is also unexpected compositions, like Lanvin's Avant-Garde. A masculine, oriental and woody fragrance, where beeswax is associated with a heart note,with cardamom and nutmeg… A trail between chic and relaxed.

Unchallenged sweetness, honey has offered us its virtues since the dawn of time. In perfumery, honey or beeswax has also conquered the hearts of perfumers. With its multi-faceted notes, because in turn, sweet, fruity, gourmet, herbaceous, honey never ceases to amaze us. It is found a lot in floral arrangements, where it offers its sweetness. It can nevertheless be discovered in oriental, woody, chypre, aromatic or hesperidic fragrances… A major ingredient.

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