Sandalwood in perfumery

Sandalwood in perfumery

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Majestically sandalwood

Sandalwood gives off a woody, velvety, warm, sensual, even slightly animal scent. Its smell is just captivating. Sandalwood has little olfactory power, but it has a particularly strong hold. Sandalwood has the particularity of enriching the olfactory power of a perfume… For perfumers, sandalwood is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Sandalwood is mainly used in men's perfumes. However, recently, it intrudes nicely in feminine perfumes. One of the greatest successes is the perfume created by Jean-Paul Guerlain, Samsara. This is the first time that so much sandalwood has been incorporated into a fragrance, which was very daring for the time. Result, a real success Ylang-ylang, jasmine, iris bring to the sandalwood, an imaginary idea of ​​distant lands,perhaps the meeting point between east and west. Samsara is and will remain a model of absolute feminine harmony.

Sandalwood in perfumes, endless accords

Sandalwood has a woody, but extremely sweet scent. This is why it goes wonderfully well with many fragrances. The sensual, but greedy side of sandalwood goes very well with rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley, cinnamon, vanilla, musk, vetiver, tonka bean, or citrus fruits. Among the most beautiful marriages, we think of My perfume by Paloma Picasso. Sandalwood in the base is judiciously associated with ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli and hyacinth in the middle notes. The floral notes are majestic, like sandalwood. This perfume is a revolutionary beauty or how to feel even more woman… It is not the only creation where the magic of flowers meets the softness of sandalwood. Another very nice association with sandalwood in the base note is 1000 by Jean Patou.In heart notes, we discover violet, jasmine. In base notes, we discover bergamot, coriander, osmanthus and eucalyptus. This perfume is intense, by all these fragrances, but it is insolent by its richness and its multitude of precious essences.

Sandalwood is considered a precious, rich and beautiful wood. Associated with antiquity and with life, it conveys many symbols. Often used as a base note, sandalwood was initially a masculine fragrance. Since the 90s, creators have tried to use it for women's perfumes, a great success! It goes very nicely with coppery, woody, powdery notes or even floral top notes. For designers, sandalwood is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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