Perfume of the Accord Chypre

Perfume of the Accord Chypre

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The evolution of chypre accords in perfumery

In 1917, François Coty imagined a fragrance called chypre, then inventing a new family, that of chypres. The chypre accords are then built on a typical olfactory family, namely bergamot in the top note, a floral heart composed of jasmine or roses, and woody base notes such as oak moss or patchouli. The chypre accords are thus a great success and we notice that all the brands invented their chypre accord perfume like Guerlain with Cyprus of Paris in 1909, or Que Sais-je by Jean Patou and the famous Woman by Rochas. . Little by little, the chypre accord takes on greenery as with Balmain's Vent Vert, is fruity with Guerlain's Parure, or baked with Grès's Cabochard. In 1971, Clinique put back the chypre accord, which had fallen into disuse, up to date with Aromatics Elixir.

The chypre accords and their olfactory associations

In view of their strong character, and the evolution of the chypre accord, the latter goes perfectly well with almost all olfactory families, mainly floral, fruity or woody. Among the chypre-florals, there are exceptional fragrances such as 1000 by Jean Patou released in 1972, where we find bergamot in the top note and patchouli in the base note. We also think of 24 Faubourg by Hermès released in 1995 or Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel released in 2001. The chypre accords go perfectly with the fruity notes as in Amor Parfum du Soir by Cacharel, where the black currant sublimates this chypre accord. Another chypre-fruity accord is also found in Lalique's Azalée. Among the great perfumes with chypre accords, we note Cuir by Molinard, Cuir Beluga by Guerlain,Chance by Chanel, Dahlia Noir by Givenchy or even Diva by Ungaro.

Indispensable to perfumery, chypre accords make fragrances of character. Introduced in 1917 thanks to François Coty, the chypre accord has to its credit, wonderful fragrances that are wonderfully declined in chypre-floral, chypre-green, chypre-fruit or chypre-leather.

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