Buchu in perfumery

Buchu in perfumery

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The origins of buchu

The buchu (or bucco) is a small shrub of the heather family that grows particularly on the rocky plains of the Cape Massif in South Africa. From the same botanical family as the lemon tree, the orange tree or the sour orange tree, the buchu has the particularity of being particularly adapted to harsh climatic conditions thanks in particular to its roots which literally cling to the rock, as if not to fall. in the void !
The scents exhaled by the buchu are absolutely divine. Between blackcurrant buds and minty freshness, the small pockets gripped under the leaves of the buchu make it an ideal raw material to transform into essential oil whether for its medicinal or olfactory properties.  
The women of the African Hottentot tribe are also the first, 400 years ago, to have used buchu to coat their body with this sweet and fresh fragrance.

Buchu, an original raw material in men's perfumery

The men's fragrances of recent years play with green and minty freshness to create scented headlifts that will offer these gentlemen fragrances with original notes while remaining relatively classic. And yes, men are absolutely faithful… to their perfume and their consumption habits! The big bet to be considered for today's perfumers is therefore to offer masculine novelties that play on the great classic olfactory families while incorporating new raw materials that will create more original scent accords.
Buchu, whose essential oil is extracted from shiny spots barely hidden by its leaves, produces scents that are both herbaceous and minty, but also sulfur. It is therefore relatively easy to incorporate notes of buchu into woody or citrus olfactory families, which are currently very popular.
Calvin Klein's famous Ck Free in 2009 offers a daring mix of spicy top notes mixed with famous middle notes of coffee, tobacco and animal notes. The buchu and the jackfruit bring the delicately fruity note to the base, however very woody. This perfume aims to offer men a relaxed and chic allure by offering an aromatic, woody and fruity blend that frees the senses as well as the spirit!

Buchu, with its fresh and minty properties, seems to be destined to become one of the future components of the invigorating and fresh men's fragrances which are the success of major brands today. However, the striking resemblance of buchu with the note of blackcurrant bud can open the doors of this African raw material to the particularly fruity and sweet-hungry female perfumery. Although the take-off is still timid, Tom Ford's aromatic citrus mixed scent Azure Lime offers a new facet of buchu which this time comes in a more glamorous and more luxurious form.

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