Coffee in perfumery

Coffee in perfumery

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Coffee, irresistible fragrances

When you pass in front of a coffee shop that roasts its beans itself, it gives off powerful and above all irresistible aromas. The fragrance of coffee is round, syrupy, chocolatey. Its smell sometimes resembles that of tobacco, but much more greedy. Coffee brings a spicy note to the compositions, but it is above all an excellent fixer which allows to deepen the top scents of the volatile notes. Yves Saint Laurent was the first to want to exploit the coffee note with such concentration in a feminine scent Black Opium (and Black Opium Nuit Blanche). Here, the coffee is on the top note, accompanied by pear and rose berries. The heart includes jasmine and orange blossom. In base notes, oriental (vanilla) and woody (cedar, patchouli) notes mingle. The result is just exceptionally stunning, an adrenaline rush… Black Opium is a perfume for women who are a little mischievous, even rebellious, who break free from codes in order to live their lives to the fullest.

Coffee and other olfactory families

Coffee is readily associated with floral, woody, chypre or even leathery notes. A daring composition CK Free by Calvin Klein, proves that coffee can be paired with improbable notes. In this masculine scent, coffee is positioned in the middle note with the tobacco leaf. The green and woody aromatic trail (wormwood, patchouli, juniper) brings to this fragrance a desire for freedom. Coffee is also found in oriental fragrances. There, he offers these gourmet, but elegant notes. As in the Noir Exquis perfume from the Artisan Parfumeur, where the coffee is always in the middle note accompanied by orange blossom and maple syrup. The base brings a warm amber trail thanks to vanilla and tonka bean. Noir Exquis looks like a date over a gourmet coffee.

Coffee, a drink widely used by the French, now offers its aromas to perfumery. After the success of Black Opium, the creators let themselves be tempted and explore this astonishing ingredient. Today, coffee can be found in floral, woody, chypre, oriental and even aromatic compositions! Coffee confirms the very strong link that exists between taste and smell… An ingredient of choice and chic.

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