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Characteristics of Lime Essential Oil

There are two primary types of sweet lime: Citrus limettioides, also known as the sweet lime of Palestine, and Citrus limetta, referred to as the sweet lime of Tunisia or limonette. The leading lime-producing countries include Haiti, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Lime essential oil is obtained by distilling the fruits, making lime the only citrus fruit with an essence derived through distillation. Typically, citrus essences are acquired through cold expression of the zest.

Perfumeries use lime essence to modify citrus notes. It is also commonly employed in culinary applications. Lime, when combined with mint, can be used to season rice and raw vegetables, creating a unique and fresh flavor. In India, lime is called mosambi, and its juice is widely consumed. Lime essence offers numerous benefits, with the most common being skin purification. It is frequently used in saunas in combination with eucalyptus.

Fragrances Featuring Lime Essence

Yves Saint Laurent's Cinéma Scénario d'été is a prime example of a feminine scent showcasing lime notes. This floral fragrance, created in 2008, presents a tangy and fruity aroma. Lime, along with sweet orange and clementine, forms the top notes, while the heart notes consist of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and amaryllis. White peach, white musk, and amber compose the base notes. The intensity of Mexican lime, softened by ylang-ylang, complements the solar and fresh aspects. This refined and timeless lime fragrance is perfect for a seductive and discreet woman.

Chanel's Antaeus is a men's fragrance that combines lime with other citrus notes. Indonesian lime and patchouli enhance sage and cistus labdanum, resulting in a rare blend of lavender purity and complex leather accord, enriched by spicy and woody notes. This chypre scent featuring a lime note is suitable for elegant and virile men.

Created in 1995, Estée Lauder's Pleasures is among the fresh floral fragrances, incorporating a lime note and inspired by the cocooning trends of the 90s. It represents the modern femininity of that era. Lime is presented as a top note along with grapefruit, while the heart notes consist of spices like pepper and pink berry, adding sweetness.

The overall fragrance is enveloped by fruity and green jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose. The base notes are woody, dry, and persistent, featuring sandalwood and cedar. This lime essence fragrance remains fresh and refined.

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