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Mandarin, a joyful fragrance

Mandarin is part of the citrus olfactory family. It is the oldest in the world of perfumery. The colognes are the first to have seen the light of day. Mandarin has a sparkling, solar, luminous and invigorating effect. Like the citrus family, fragrances containing mandarin are joyful, laughing and tangy fragrances. The notes of the citrus olfactory family are however volatile. Often used as a top note, they evaporate quite quickly. The scent of mandarin fosters imagination and creativity, to the delight of perfume designers. A fragrance that perfectly sums up the beauty of tangerine is Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria mandarine basilic. In top note, we discover clementine associated with orange blossom. As a heart note, the tangerine mixes delicately with the basil and the peony. As a base note, we discover sandalwood and amber. It is true that the collection of Aqua Allegoria was considered daring. It is not the combination of mandarin and basil that will say the opposite.

Mandarin, will you marry me?

Mandarin goes perfectly well with many fragrances. Among the most beautiful combinations, we note that of vanilla, water notes, passion flower, lemon, bitter orange, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender or almond. A very successful perfume, it is that of Azzaro Eau Belle. Mandarin in the top note is associated with bergamot, yuzu and peach skin. As a heart note, jasmine accompanies cyclamen and freezia. In the background, we note ambergris, honey, cedar wood and cypress. The citrus cascade falls on a radiant floral heart. A slightly woody honey note completes this bombardment of scents. L'Eau Belle illuminates and brings a very special radiance to each woman who wears it. Another particularly daring but successful combination of mandarin, that of David Jourquin's Mandarin Leather perfume, intended for sophisticated but epicurean men. 

Mandarin is a precious fruit from China. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creators who imagine perfumes more magnificent than each other. Belonging to the citrus family, the mandarin brings a sparkling, joyful, invigorating side. It also goes perfectly well with many families and olfactory facets A real treat!

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