Marshmallow in perfumery

Marshmallow in perfumery

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The infinite sweetness of the marshmallow

Marshmallow is the confectionery that delicately lulls our childhood. Created in 1972 by Haribo, the marshmallow candy Chamallows revolutionized the world of gluttony. With its pastel and lively colors, the marshmallow has become the best friend of children, but also of adults! Marshmallow has a sweet, sweet smell. It also has vanilla and slightly powdery characteristics. Very sweet and rather addictive, marshmallows can be used wonderfully in gourmet fragrances. It offers roundness, softness, and also an infinite softness. Whether in candle, shower gel, eau de toilette or perfume, the marshmallow inevitably takes us back to our childhood.

In perfumery, the marshmallow is no longer a bad thing

The Réminiscence house has made a wonderful gift to our children's candy, by naming one of its scents Marshmallow. The latter is part of the Les notes gourmands collection. By slipping sweet notes into perfumes, perfumers appeal to the hedonic values ​​of our early childhood. The taste aspect is highlighted, but also the repressive side Against all expectations, marshmallow is not only found in gourmet flavors. We will discover it in oriental fragrances as in D&G for women by Dolce & Gabbana. Here, the marshmallow is positioned as a base note, alongside heliotrope, vanilla and sandalwood. Floral, soft and suave, D&G is an ode to femininity. Another oriental floral fragrance composed of marshmallow is Ultrared by Paco Rabanne, which combines marshmallow,jasmine and star anise. Marshmallow can also be found at the heart of floral fragrances, as in Mademoiselle Guerlain by Guerlain. Here, we discover the heart note marshmallow associated with orange blossom, for an essence described as a hymn to joy and freedom.

Because it reminds us of childhood, the marshmallow has a special place in the hearts of adults. Sweet, soft and airy, the marshmallow is used in cosmetics and perfumery. It blends in with flowery, fruity, oriental, citrus or woody fragrances.

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