Pink Pepper in perfumery

Pink Pepper in perfumery

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The use of pink pepper

Pink pepper is mainly used in cooking. It goes well with many dishes and goes perfectly with fish, prawns, scallops, white meat, grilled meats, salads or even sauces. Pink pepper also has many benefits for our health and it is used in herbal medicine to relieve high blood pressure, digestion problems, coughs and seasonal ailments. Pink pepper is also used in perfumery, and is part of the large family of spices and the Oriental olfactory family. The distillation of the berries makes it possible to obtain an essential oil, but it is also possible to carry out a CO2 extraction.

Pink pepper and its different olfactory combinations

The use of pink pepper is an alternative to black pepper, which is spicier and less sweet. Like its olfactory family, pink pepper is very much integrated in oriental compositions, as in Allure Sensuelle (oriental-floral) by Chanel where pink pepper is positioned as a top note alongside tangerine and bergamot, for a fresher effect. It is also found in the very famous Angel, Eau de Toilette by Thierry Mugler (oriental-spicy), where the berries of roses are located in the top note, still associated with bergamot. Pink pepper is also found at the heart of citrus fragrances, as in Spicebomb Fresh by Viktor & Rolf, where pink pepper is in the top note next to black pepper, for an ultra powerful cocktail.We will also discover pink pepper in woody fragrances such as in Amor Sunshine pour Homme by Cacharel, or in Venetian Bergamot Eau de parfum by Tom Ford. We can also find pink pepper at the heart of magnificent floral fragrances, as in Aqua Allégoria-Tiaré Mimosa by Guerlain.

Pink pepper, even if it does not have the title of pepper, is as appreciated by our pupils as by our sense of smell. Also called rose berries, pink pepper is widely used in perfumery where it is part of the large family of spices. Given that it goes well with all olfactory families, pink pepper will be found in a large number of fragrances, as different as they are, but as beautiful as each other.

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