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The champaca flower and its legends

Native to the Himalayas and therefore scattered between India and China, Champaca offers its magnificent flowers in the monsoon and spring. Venerated since the dawn of time, champaca flowers decorate temples and sacred places by offering the faithful their exquisite fragrances. Hindus consider the champaca flower as an offering in order to bring luck to its happy recipient, and moreover, young girls like to wear one of these magic flowers in their hair as a sign of happiness.

It is true that the delicate scents of champaca bring us intense happiness in great floral scents! And although the flower is rare, and therefore the material is expensive and considered luxurious, champaca essential oil is certainly one of the prettiest scent notes to offer in our bottles!

Champaca embodies the luxury and exoticism of oriental and floral perfumes.

The champaca flower was used and studied in perfumery not too long ago, especially after the success of J'adore, which was one of the first perfumes to use it.

Indeed, the magnificent and great success of the perfumery J'adore by Dior, used the champaca in the heart note to associate it with white flowers and fruity to obtain a sensual and vibrant fragrance, while being fresh thanks to the tangerine top notes. Playing on the idea that flowers and fruits go together, J'adore marks the essences with a glamorous juice that is also light and warm.

Ten years later, the famous designer Annick Goutal also likes to use the note of champaca in a fruity, spicy and green fragrance, Un Matin d'Orage. Chamaca is associated in the heart with jasmine, gardenia, and magnolia to offer a magical flight of white flowers launched by citrus and fruity head notes, which ends in a deep trail of sandalwood. A stormy morning reminds us of a breeze of freshness and humidity without adding even a drop of aquatic notes. A great perfume

Finally, the pretty champaca flower will blossom, always in heart notes, in oriental and deep juices such as Sira des Indes by Jean Patou or Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Champaca brings its powerful and fragrant floral scents, gracefully standing up to oriental spices and sandalwood. Although the flower is rare, we hope that we will soon have the pleasure of discovering new fragrances as beautiful as the previous creations!

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