Rosewood in perfumery

Rosewood in perfumery

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The history of rosewood

Rosewood is used to denote a scented wood used in perfumery. It comes directly to us from the Amazon rainforest and was discovered by botanists in 1925 in the Juriti Velho region. This tree was named rosewood because of its delicately scented and unconventional smell for bark. After study, he revealed its unexpected content of essential oil rich in linalool, a fragrant substance similar to lavender. This is how a flourishing industry around this tree developed in the Amazon basin in order to supply the region of Grasse. In the 1960s, rosewood essential oil production fluctuated between 300 to 400 tonnes per year, which required the felling of 500,000 tonnes of wood! Today,rosewood has become a protected species and a vast campaign to replant it has been undertaken at the instigation of various associations. Likewise, it now extends to Guyana, a country in which the cultivation of rosewood is also controlled.

The use of rosewood in perfumery

The extraction of rosewood essential oil can be done by steam distillation. Its bark has an excellent yield since only 100 kg of wood is used to produce 1 kg of essential oil. Nevertheless, the use of linanol synthesis has further reduced the cost of this raw material. However, prestige obliges, luxury perfumes have remained faithful to their original formulation and still opt for natural production today. In addition, perfumers distill the lumpy rosewood in hot water. This gives even more richness and naturalness to the floral tones.
In addition, beyond its fragrant appearance, rosewood also offers many virtues and multiple health benefits. Its essential oil is particularly recognized for its regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Thus, many are those who use it as a healing and anti-aging active. Likewise, it is an anti-infectious agent and its mild, soothing scent helps calm nerves and anxiety.

In perfumery, essences containing rosewood are highly appreciated for their multiple facets. They turn out to be both floral and rosy while being slightly woody. Likewise, they contain a hint of spices and turn out to be slightly peppery. They are therefore suitable for men and women who are elegant but have a strong temperament.

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