Sesame in perfumery

Sesame in perfumery

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Anyway, transformed into oil or used for its seeds, sesame opens the door to our stomachs but also to our nostrils thanks to its formidable nutty smell. It was logical that the scent of sesame interested perfumers in search of original raw materials while being greedy and terribly exotic.

Sesame and its seeds of immortality go through history

The small plant of the herbaceous family which contains the precious sesame seeds is native to India, which remains one of the largest producers of sesame in the world.

The cultivation and production of sesame seed is however not new and its use is ancestral since it is estimated that sesame was the first plant from which oil was extracted. Chinese medicine as well as Indian medicine give it many therapeutic properties including those of being laxative but also of acting on various cardiovascular diseases.

Sesame seed as we know it in Europe is blonde while in Asia sesame can also be black or brown. However, once roasted, the delicate nutty scent that emanates from sesame fills our senses and hits the nail on the head. Especially since sesame is widely used in Asian and North African cuisine. Of course, sesame attracts gourmets and creators of perfumery, unable to use sesame oil to add it to their compositions, worked on the reproduction of the sesame note to offer its gourmet scents.

The sesame note in perfumery

Logically enough, the sesame note in perfumery evokes mainly the Middle East and Asia with its slightly spicy exotic facet but also by its greedy facet with the good smell of caramelized hazelnuts. Thus it is especially the oriental masculine and feminine perfumes which currently use the sesame note.

The vanilla oriental Ambre Narguilé, present in the box with four Hermessence fragrances, born from the Hermès house in 2004, plays with the sesame note in the top note accompanied by rum, cinnamon and caramel to enter. in a deliciously oriental olfactory universe while being greedy.

The oriental-woody “Very Irresistible for Men” and “ONDE Extase” play with the sesame note sometimes in the heart and sometimes in the background to create mysterious and enticing notes. For “Onde extase”, a pretty feminine fragrance inspired by the art of geishas, ​​the sesame note matches cedarwood and white musks to provide a deep, exotic trail. In Very Irresistible for Men, the sesame note combines with mocha to offer gourmet and shimmering hearts.

Despite this oriental family clearly associated with the sesame note, some perfumers play with the different facets of the little seed to create original compositions. The floral-fruity The end of the world from Etat libre d'Orange uses, for example, the sesame note to create a powerful and original base note thanks to its association with sandalwood, as for Dyptique and Florabellio the sesame Here too, it plays the role of a trail that is both deep while remaining typical and caramelized.

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