Tarragon in perfumery

Tarragon in perfumery

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Tarragon, a multifaceted aromatic note

Tarragon is part of the aromatic olfactory family, just like lavender or rosemary. We find tarragon mainly in the top note and in masculine fragrances, because it gives off aromatic herbal fragrances. However, tarragon has other notes, slightly peppery and bitter notes. It even has a sweet smell reminiscent of fennel, anise or liquorice. Its aromas are fresh and powerful. Like here, in the Dolce & Gabanna Classic fragrance from Dolce & Gabanna. In this aromatic fragrance, tarragon is in the top note. With citrus notes, we dive into a lively freshness. The base of the perfume is woody with a beautiful blend of tonka bean, sandalwood, tobacco, cedar. Dolce & Gabanna is a very masculine, but distinguished fragrance.Tarragon is naturally found in many aromatic masculine fragrances such as Patou pour Homme by Jean Patou, Aqua by Azzaro or Quartz pour Homme by Molyneux.

Tarragon and other olfactory families

Like its family, tarragon comes in many facets such as aromatic-aquatic with marine notes, aromatic-floral with hints of flowers or aromatic-fresh with citrus notes. However, we discover tarragon in unexpected compositions, such as with the perfume L'heure Bleue by Guerlain, an oriental feminine fragrance. Tarragon as a top note is associated with orange blossom, rose, cloves or even vanilla as a base note. The Blue Hour is a great classic, sensual, with oriental accents. Another astonishing composition is that of the perfume Samsara by Guerlain. Another feminine scent, a woody oriental or tarragon meets a beautiful floral bouquet (jasmine, iris, ylang-ylang, rose) and finishes on very woody notes with sandalwood.This perfume is a real journey to the gates of the Orient, the last stop of which is nirvana… Another perfume where one did not expect to find tarragon, it is Sous le vent by Guerlain… Another feminine, like what!

A herbaceous aromatic plant, tarragon is known for its culinary virtues. Like its olfactory family, tarragon is found a lot in aromatic perfumes for men. Thanks to its many facets, however, we discover tarragon in oriental, woody, citrus scents, and especially in perfumes for women!

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