Tobacco in perfumery

Tobacco in perfumery

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Tobacco, very aromatic scents

Tobacco has rich and varied aromas. The tobacco sublimates, at the present time, many perfumes. Aromatic strength is the main characteristic of tobacco notes, which can be found in different olfactory families such as woods or ferns. Tobacco, however, offers other notes such as honey, almond, wax or even leather. Essentially present in men's fragrances, tobacco brings a certain elegance to the compositions. It nevertheless sublimates some perfumes for women, for their greatest pleasure… To avoid using nicotine as in tobacco absolute, some perfumers have succeeded in recreating the same olfactory notes by using coumarin or tonka bean. The use of tobacco in perfumery, gave very beautiful perfumes, like Belle d'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent,an oriental feminine perfume, of an unsuspected elegance.

The association of tobacco and other olfactory families in perfumery

The aromatic strength of tobacco goes perfectly with other fragrances. It blends wonderfully with woody, fern, chypre or oriental scents. It will therefore be found naturally in a woody masculine scent, as in Gucci by Gucci pour homme by Gucci. Here the modern man is adorned with fresh and flowery notes. Leather, woody and amber scents finally warm the trail that the perfume leaves on the skin. Full of surprise, tobacco interferes in surprising but nonetheless admiring components, such as Issey Miyake's Lueur d'Issey homme. Freshness and nature meet here in a mixture of spices and aromatics. This gives a sensual, invigorating, masculine scent. We can also discover tobacco accompanied by flowers, wood or leather,as in Yves Saint-Laurent's perfume Noble leather

Everyone knows about tobacco. Its culture has existed for a very long time. In perfumery, tobacco absolute is used, but it is also possible to use notes such as coumarin or tonka bean. Tobacco offers compositions its particularly rich aromas. It also has an incomparable aromatic force, which is why it is present in many male fragrances. Thanks to its different facets, tobacco goes very easily with woody, chypre, oriental, floral, fruity, citrus or even aromatic notes. Tobacco turns out to be, in perfumery, a real Ali Baba's cave.

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