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What is yuzu?

Yuzu is part of the citrus olfactory family, just like lemon, tangerine or orange. Its notes are fresh, invigorating, tangy. Both acidic and fruity, yuzu gives birth to refreshing and unique cocktails. Recently used in fine perfumery, yuzu is emerging as a new source of inspiration for perfumers.

What does yuzu smell like?

Like most citrus fragrances, yuzu is a volatile note, so it is often used as a top note. A beautiful tribute to this small Japanese citrus fruit, it is the perfume Yuzu man by Caron, which signs here its first citrus scent. The top notes are therefore yuzu, used sparingly, alongside basil and verbena. In heart notes, we recognize fig and lentisk (variety of pistachios), and in base notes, sandalwood and cedar. The result is a very fresh, but very masculine scent.

The alliance of yuzu with the different olfactory families

Like its family, yuzu goes perfectly with woods and aromatics. For aromatics, which are essentially masculine scents, aromatics such as thyme, lavender, rosemary or basil are associated with yuzu. For woody notes, a woody or powdery base, such as sandalwood, patchouli or oak, will generally be accompanied by notes of yuzu in the top note. Among great perfumes, we will also find a citrus-oriental or a citrus-flowery, as for the perfume Eau de fleur de yuzu by Kenzo. Here, we even find yuzu in the middle note! Accompanied by green notes and citrus in the top notes, as well as white musk in the base note. The yuzu is subtly enhanced by transparent floral notes. The musk in base note brings a silky side. Results, a subtle and delicate feminine scent, particularly recommended for summer.

Yuzu, a very trendy trend

A small atypical citrus fruit from Japan, yuzu has recently aroused the interest of perfumers. It brings acidulous notes, but fresh. Associated with other olfactory families, yuzu turns out to be a significant asset in the composition of perfumes. It is mainly found in masculine perfumes and as a top note, but it sometimes creates surprises by slipping judiciously into a feminine scent!

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