Collection: Cedarwood Fragrances

The perfume note of Cedarwood is a delightful ode to the stately Cedar tree, capturing its robust, earthy character with an elegance that resonates with nature. Its aroma opens with a dry, clean scent, reminiscent of freshly hewn logs and pencil shavings. At its core, Cedarwood exudes a warm, balsamic sweetness, interwoven with subtle hints of camphor and spice. The undercurrent of this note reveals a soft, resinous quality, a gentle echo of the forest floor on a dew-kissed morning. Its scent is comforting and grounding, bringing a sense of tranquil strength to a fragrance. Cedarwood lends depth and longevity to perfume compositions, embodying the serene beauty and timeless endurance of these magnificent trees.

Cedarwood Fragrances