Amber woods in perfumery

Amber woods in perfumery

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Amber woods, an olfactory surge

If they have been around for a very long time, amber woods are currently claimed by all perfume designers. On the olfactory side, the amber woods give off very complex odors, generally dry, which resemble a smell of tobacco. However, the smell is usually much more woody than amber, but it is also very dusty and clears your throat. We can say that the hold, intensity and power of amber woods are extreme, so much so that they are often called the woods that sting! A small trace is therefore enough for us to remember amber woods forever This surge of smell is found mainly in the base notes. In addition, amber woods are excellent fixatives. At first glance,we think we meet amber woods mainly in perfumes for men because the smell is strong and powerful, some say that it smells of man. However, many feminine scents today feature amber woods and woody notes.

The marriage of amber woods with other olfactory facets

Thanks to the multitude of facets offered by amber woods, they enter into the composition of many perfumes. Amber woods are naturally associated with floral notes, gourmet notes, oriental notes, aquatic notes, other woody and amber notes. Amber woods bring modernity and power to most perfumes. One of the very beautiful combinations of amber woods with floral notes is that of the feminine perfume Répetto. The amber woods are here in the base note accompanied by vanilla. In the middle note, we can distinguish rose and orange blossom. Repetto is the story of feminine sensuality, with ultra-graceful and carnal fragrances. In men's perfume, the creation in 2014 of Bleu de Chanel by Chanel,signs a woody and fresh fragrance with a modern and warm touch.

Amber woods, or ambergris are materials that have existed for a long time. They have recently become very popular with perfume designers. With their complex but multiple scents, the different amber woods bring power and intensity. They are therefore found mainly in base notes. The stinging woods as they are often called, are today very modern perfumes and make the success of the brands.

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