Ambrette in perfumery

Ambrette in perfumery

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Ambrette, the musk seed

Ambrette gives off an amber, powdery, musky, slightly animal fragrance. In fact, ambrette is often referred to as plant musk, so much so that it is often used as an alternative to musk of animal origin. Ambrette also offers floral and fruity notes resembling pear or plum. You should know that ambrette is considered a seductive, warm and sensual note. Also we find it mainly in base note of oriental, amber or chypre perfumes. This is the case for the fragrance Désir pour Femme by Rochas. The ambrette in base note is associated with patchouli and sandalwood. The heart is a sweet bouquet of freesia, rose, lily and magnolia. As its name suggests, Désir pour Femme is an ode to pleasure where mystery and sensuality blend

The ambrette and its association with the different olfactory families

Ambrette goes perfectly with rich materials such as rose, patchouli, frankincense or even neroli. Its musky fragrance also makes ambrette a note that fits very well in floral scents. This is the case in Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. Here, ambrette is always in the base note, accompanied by patchouli and vetiver. The heart is floral to perfection thanks to rose, freesia and jasmine. She is the very essence of femininity. Unpredictable and vibrant, this composition is surprising, like the modern woman. If ambrette is one of the most seductive notes in perfumery, it is nonetheless a masculine note. She proves it admirably in a great Egoist perfume by Chanel… Perfume for men with a strong personality. The fruity aspect of ambrette also allows it to associate with fresh, aromatic scents, as in Jetlag by Azzaro. Fresh with aromatic and woody scents, Jetlag is a fragrance for insolent men.

Ambrette is a large plant that resembles hibiscus. The grains of ambrette were once used to powder the hair. It gives off a powdery, musky scent, but also offers fruity notes. Some perfumers use ambrette as an alternative to animal musk, which is difficult to obtain. A real seductive weapon, ambrette is used in oriental, woody, chypre and floral fragrances. It can also be associated with other notes such as aromatics, fruity or citrus fruits.

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