Benzoin in perfumery

Benzoin in perfumery

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Benzoin, a suave vanilla facet

Siam benzoin is particularly sought after by perfume designers. It offers a very vanilla and suave facet but also different facets such as caramel, toasted almonds, toasted coffee, honey Benzoin is mainly used in oriental, amber or gourmet perfumes. It brings roundness and warmth, but also very sensual vanilla notes. It is, moreover, an excellent fixer. A mythical perfume that pays him homage very well is Shalimar by Guerlain. Here, benzoin is discovered in the base notes with vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean. In heart notes, here are jasmine, carnation, rose, ylang-ylang. For the top notes, we guess tarragon, bergamot, lemon as well as some green notes. The result is perfect!This trip to the end of the Orient brings harmony and sensuality.

Benzoin and its olfactory associations

Because of its scent of vanilla, even caramel, benzoin is also used in gourmet and sweet perfumes. It is often associated with vanilla, labdanum, amber fragrances as well as other spices such as cinnamon. We also find benzoin associated with floral fragrances. These are the main associations because despite its interest, benzoin is not so easy to combine. It is nevertheless part of very great perfumes. This is the case with Van Cleef & Arpels' perfume Ambre Impérial. Here, benzoin is in the middle note, accompanied by cinnamon bark. In top notes, we discover bergamot and rose berry. In base notes, we detect amber and tonka bean. Here, the result is very voluptuous, sensual and addicting. Ambre Impérial is both sweet and spicy.Benzoin therefore fits here, with its two favorite scents.

Benzoin resin has been around since ancient times, where it was, among other things, used to purify the atmosphere. Today, benzoin is an important part of international perfumery. With its sweet smell that makes one think of either vanilla, caramel or toasted almonds, benzoin is particularly used in oriental perfumes. It is, however, found associated with amber fragrances such as labdanum, or floral fragrances such as lily of the valley or rose.

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