Black tea in perfumery

Black tea in perfumery

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The original and powerful black tea note is used in feminine oriental juices or masculine woody scents to offer its venerable smoky vapors to fragrances that will highlight the delicate leather of its scent.

The trend of green tea, white tea and black tea fragrances

In perfumery it is certain that each decade has its cult raw materials! The 2000s were therefore particularly marked by scents that were meant to be natural, without always being so, but also by fine exoticisms without being deep wakes. 100% natural, tea corresponds precisely to these desires for escapes which are both natural while being exotic. So obviously we used the tea and its multiple varieties to diffuse them in fragrances with natural or spicy accents, depending on the strength of the scents of the chosen tea.
Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, released in 1992 by Bulgari, seems to be the first fragrance to have opened up a royal road in perfumery to the tea route. As for black teas, smoked and slightly balsamic, they offer the scents that carry them notes of leather, honeyed wood, particularly highlighted by spices or woods.

The captivating fragrances of black tea in perfumery

In the register of masculine scents, the note of black tea would seem particularly suited to spicy woods which very often give black tea in the middle note.

Thus Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci and Chrome United by Azzaro, two beautiful woody juices, exhale the scents of the note of black tea in a heart offered around chilli, cinnamon and violet for Gucci pour Homme II . As for Chrome United, it also exudes the association of violet and black tea, but accompanied by the famous new freshness note. For Eau de Cèdre - Eau de Toilette by Armani, also spicy woody, the note of black tea will blend into base notes accompanied by cedar and suede accord, an olfactory blend that is both spicy animal and above all very original. .

Obviously, the smoky and leathery notes of black tea are obviously very suitable for sweet Orientals that are sometimes flowery but also and above all feminine. The same year, two beautiful floral Orientals will exhale the notes of black tea in their fragrances: Kapsule FLORIENTAL by Lagerfeld and Berbériades Extrême by Stéphanie de Saint Aignan. The first uses black tea as a base note to create a totally exotic and oriental trail where the second offers black tea as a starter of a spicy scent with 1000 colors of the world.

How to talk about black tea without mentioning the bestseller of the moment: The Little Black Dress by Guerlain? Impossible ! Indeed, black tea is one of those notes which clash and amaze, which enchant without overdoing it and perfume with a certain dexterity fragrances in which it never goes unnoticed!

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