Cranberry in perfumery

Cranberry in perfumery

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Perfuming sugary drinks but also interior fragrances, cranberries and cranberries have crossed the ocean to occupy an important place in the French red fruit perfume market.

The origins of the cranberry, this delicious red fruit

First of all, remember that cranberry should not be confused with lingonberry, the European variety of these small berries. Because the cranberry is typically North American, red and only grows in swampy soils, which is not necessarily the case with bilberry, which is three times smaller than the cranberry.

In France, we only know the cranberry or cranberry for a few years, however for the Anglo-Saxons it is the essential element of their traditional Thanksgiving and their sweetened drinks.

The cranberry is native to North America where it grew for centuries in the wild in the cold marshes of Canada or Quebec. Coming from Europe to discover the New World, discovered the fruit wealth of their new lands of conquest. The traditional Thanksgiving comes from the invitation that Europeans gave Indians in the 17th century to celebrate the end of the fall harvest in November. Subsequently this beautiful invitation was marked by the Thanksgiving name of the traditional turkey and its cranberry sauce.

The love story between cranberry and our fruity flavors

Cranberries or cranberries have delicious flavors of very sweet red fruits. Very popular in the USA as for all Anglo-Saxons, cranberry is now one of the fruity olfactory notes of choice for perfumers looking for red fruit while offering some novelty. Thus the cranberry note appears mainly in the olfactory families of floral-fruity and very often is part of the top notes that open the fragrances. However, it is reproduced, like many fruity notes, by synthetic molecules.

In 2009, three pretty summer perfumes were released at the same time, each presenting a note of cranberry: Very Irrésistible SUMMER SORBET, Parisienne and Ange ou Démon LE SECRET. For “Very Irrésistible”, the cranberry note combines with blueberry and icy notes to open the fragrance towards an intense and sweet freshness that will be colored with flowers and woody notes. For “Parisienne” Yves Saint-Laurent uses cranberry mixed with vinyl and blackberry accords which bring a touch of fantasy to the rather floral and musky ensemble. Finally for Angel or demon, the cranberry associated with citrus fruit and green tea propelling sweet and refined scents while being very fresh.

Subsequently, the note of cranberry or cranberry continues to exhale in flowery bottles such as “Dior Addict Eau Délice” but also towards oriental fragrances such as the pretty “Black XS Los Angeles for her”. While cranberry is opening up to new trends, on the other hand for men's fragrances cranberry is very rare. However, let us quote all the same the beautiful masculine aromatic for men Very Irrésistible Fresh Attitude for Men SUMMER SORBET by Givenchy which used cranberries at the opening of its frosty-fruity fragrance.

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