Strawberry in perfumery

Strawberry in perfumery

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The creation of strawberry notes in perfumery

You might think that creating a note with the sweet scent of wild strawberries or gariguette would be as easy as sniffing it delicately when you go to pick from the strawberries. Well no ! Despite multiple unsuccessful attempts, many of the fruits but also flowers whose natural scents we know are absolutely impossible to reproduce to create scent notes.
Thus, the composition of a fruity note made from strawberries mainly focuses on the creation of synthetic molecules that precisely recall the delicate smell that we know. And that is not enough! Sometimes it is necessary to add new synthetic molecules associated with essences or absolutes to create THE strawberry or wild strawberry scent. The strawberry note that you will find in one of your favorite perfumes will certainly be created thanks to 4 or 5 different raw materials.

The scents of strawberries and red fruits or the sweet memory of childhood?

Sweet and fruity fragrances are now experiencing dazzling success, thanks in particular to the very first fragrance in 1978 to have offered a fresh breeze of flowers and fruit to young girls, the famous “Anaïs Anaïs” by Cacharel. Since then, the sweet, fruity and gourmet fragrances have never ceased to charm young women first of all, then all women afterwards, in particular thanks to the originality and the explosive fragrances of Angel by Thierry Mugler.
Since the feminine perfumery dares all the mixtures of fragrances and families, as long as the juice is sparkling with fruit, tender with flowers or woods and above all joyful and vitamin! So with regard to the strawberry note, it can be evoked in two different ways: traditional as a fruit but also ultra sweet as an olfactory memory of the famous strawberry Tagada.
Beautiful scents exude strawberry among other fruity flavors, mainly in top note, among which the floral and fruity Miss Dior by Dior, the pretty floral, fruity and woody Daisy by Marc Jacobs or even the oriental and very Italian Valentina by Valentino.

Why have sweet and gourmet perfumes maddened sales of women's perfumes for several years now? Undoubtedly, the question is asked regularly as the tidal wave of sweet and fruity gourmets happily sweeps away all generations of women. Basically created for young girls (such as Anaïs Anaïs), these fruity scents play with the reminiscence and memory of sweets, sunny afternoons picking strawberries or raspberries in the gardens. In addition, the preference for sweetness of our little greedy neurons would be innate: The preference for sweet is not acquired but genetically determined. So you might as well indulge yourself with sweet and sweet scents which, at least, will not make anyone fat!

Did you know that the scent of strawberries is often used in perfumes and other scented products because it has been shown to have a positive effect on our mood? The aroma of strawberries is believed to have a calming and mood-lifting effect on the brain, making us feel happier and more relaxed.

Some of the synthetic molecules used in perfumes to create the scent of strawberries are also used in the food industry to enhance the flavor of strawberry-flavored products, such as candies and desserts.

In addition to strawberries, other fruits commonly used in perfumery include citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, as well as tropical fruits like pineapple and mango.

The popularity of sweet and fruity fragrances can be traced back to the 1990s, when they first became popular among young girls and teenagers. Today, these fragrances are enjoyed by women of all ages and have become a staple in many perfume collections. As a result, the fragrance industry is constantly evolving, introducing new scent notes and fragrance families each year.

While fruity fragrances remain popular, there has been a recent trend towards clean and fresh scents inspired by nature, as well as bold and daring fragrances that push the boundaries of traditional perfumery. Despite these changes, the use of synthetic molecules to create fragrances continues to be an essential element of the fragrance industry.

In conclusion, the creation of a strawberry note in perfumery requires a combination of natural and synthetic elements to capture the delicate scent of this beloved fruit. The popularity of sweet and fruity fragrances among women can be attributed to their innate preference for sweetness, and the positive effect that these fragrances have on mood. As the fragrance industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how the use of synthetic molecules and the trends in fragrance families will develop in the coming years.

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