Hedione in perfumery

Hédione in perfumery

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The origins of hedione

Hedione is a molecule that was discovered in the 1960s by the Firmenich company. The latter then patented it in 1962. It is actually a product based on the discovery of an element present in jasmine absolute: methyl dihydrojasmonate. Behind this barbaric name actually hides the idea of capturing the intense freshness of this white flower. Likewise, note that hedione is also naturally present in tea. Initially abstract, hedione was raised to the rank of planetary star by its use in the perfume Eau Sauvage by Dior in 1966. Perfumers consider it to be one of the products that have revolutionized their palette. olfactory. As such, hedione is now one of the most widely used ingredients in perfumery and is used in both female and male juices.

The properties of hedione and its use

If hedione is widely used in perfumery, it is quite simply because many of us appreciate its water jasmine flavor, at the same time fresh, flowery, and slightly lemony. What is more, hedione has the property of reinforcing the smell of a perfume and of giving it volume. In reality, it is a kind of odor booster. Its scent is nevertheless quite subtle and gives an impression of perfumed air. We cannot then say whether it belongs to the feminine rather than the masculine gender. Many say of her that she is an androgynous woman. Likewise, hedione can be used just as much in floral arrangements as in citrus, as in woody or chypre. When paired with orange blossom, it turns out to be particularly radiant. Likewise,it is very often embellished with hawthorn, honeysuckle, or cyclamen, ingredients all part of the same burst of freshness and lightness.

In general, hedione is a magical product with the ability to make the freshness of the juices which contain it last, giving them the tenacity of a perfume as such while retaining the freshness of a cologne. No one seems to be able to resist its airy side, and this is how hedione literally rose to the rank of the keystone of modern perfumery.

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