Laurel in perfumery

Laurel in perfumery

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The origins of laurel

Laurel is a plant that belongs to the genus Laurus and the Lauraceae family. However, beware, because the name laurels in French is often used to designate many plants that do not really belong to these families. Thus, there is no question here of oleanders but of this tree entirely green and devoid of flowers. The latter is also called laurel nobilis, true laurel, noble laurel or laurel of Apollo or laurel sauce. It is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean basin. This generally measures 2 to 6 m and is very common in French gardens. However, the laurel comes to us initially from Asia Minor. Nevertheless, it was introduced very early in Greece while being charged with a mythological origin.It arrived in this place in the wake of Apollo and very quickly became an emblematic plant of ancient ceremonies. Likewise, legend has it that the nymph Daphne had metamorphosed into a laurel tree to escape the advances of the solar god. Thus, the laurel embodied glory and everyone knows today that this is an emblem of the triumph of athletes, especially awarded during the Olympic Games. Likewise, laurel is a sacred inspirational plant for the poets of the time. Today, it is used just as much for its benefits and its aromatherapy virtues as in perfumery. It is a plant acting as an anti degenerate. Likewise, it acts directly on the pain produced by rheumatism or osteoarthritis as well as on ulcers. The laurel s'turns out to be a recommended plant in cases of bronchitis. Finally, it helps to treat oily skin as well as acne.

Laurel in perfumery

In perfumery, the method used to extract the scent of laurels is those of steam distillation. Two parts of the bay leaf are then used: the leaves and the flower. The leaves are mainly used in men's perfumes. They give them an aromatic note, both camphorated and spicy. The laurel flower, on the other hand, is more refined and floral. As such, it is rather used in feminine perfumes.

Many juices today contain this product. Serge Lutens, moreover, is a true follower. Laurel is notably present in its famous Ambre Sultan and Arabia perfumes. Likewise, Clarins has incorporated it into the composition of its Eau des Jardins, while Guerlain has made it the star of the Aqua Allegoria Laurel Licorice fragrance.

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