Lily in perfumery

Lily in perfumery

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The lily, a refined sweetness

The lily conceals, in its heart, a long pistil which is responsible for its fragrance. Both mysterious and delicate, the fleur-de-lys nevertheless has a strong scent. The lily gives off fragrances of suave and soft white flowers. This flower can also offer slightly spicy notes. It will be found mainly in the middle note and in feminine fragrances. This is the case in the perfume “Absolu” by Rochas, where the lily is accompanied by orange blossom and pepper. The base is woody thanks to labdanum, Tolu balm and benzoin. “Absolu” is a sensual oriental fragrance, where the spirit of women is very present.

The association of the fleur-du-lys with the different fragrances

The lily is little used in fine perfumery. However, and thanks to its suave notes of white flowers, the fleur-de-lys is mainly integrated in floral and oriental perfumes for women. A very famous flowery fragrance where we find the lily accompanied by lily of the valley, rose and ylang-ylang is “Anaïs Anaïs” by Cacharel. A great classic, romantic at will, for sweet and sensual young women. One can nevertheless discover the lily in woody scents like in Azzaro for Elle by Azzaro. Here, the lily is still positioned in the middle note, associated with the rose. Cardamom in the top note, and cashmere wood in the base note, offer a warm and woody accord. Here, Azzaro pays homage to seductive and sensual women.Another feminine scent where we find the fleur-de-lys associated with woody notes, it is “Beige” by Chanel. Here, the lily, always in the top note, is associated with jasmine and ylang-ylang, but a little novelty, with honey. A beautiful floral bouquet with honeyed and powdery notes.

The fleur-de-lys is a bulbous plant, present in many gardens and parks. It is a very fragrant flower whose colors are multiple and radiant. In perfumery, the fleur-de-lys is reproduced synthetically. It offers very flowery, suave and sweet notes. Let us not forget that the fleur-de-lys is not only the symbol of purity, but also that of French royalty ...

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