Lotus in perfumery

Lotus in perfumery

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The lotus flower is therefore typically Asian just like its powdery scents which settle in our perfumes to offer aquatic and exotic freshness to beautiful floral or oriental juices.

The lotus flower or the legends of the sacred lotus

The lotus flower was born in the countries of Asia where its roots spread out in rhizomes to grow above water. This faculty of the lotus flower is certainly one of the reasons for its importance because it is indeed the only flower that stands above the waters unlike the others which let themselves be carried by the currents and Buddha was for a long time represented by this flower. for his ability to levitate above the ground as well. Moreover, according to legend, as soon as Buddha set foot on the ground clouds of lotus flowers appeared ...

For China, as for the Hindu religion, the lotus flower also represents purity. Thus the Chinese philosopher Zhou Dunyi said of her that The lotus flower remains totally pure whatever the silt from which it comes and it is not flirtatious despite swimming in clear water, which explains its high symbolic.

However, despite this high sacralization of the flower, the lotus has been cultivated both for its seeds, its roots and for more than 2000 years in Asia. Its scents, at the same time green, fresh, delicately floral while being very aquatic, attracted the curious noses of the creators of perfumery to offer a piece of the sacred flower to their perfume.

Our floral and exotic fragrances magnified with lotus flower

The lotus flower note can be made using lotus flower absolute, a precious and relatively luxurious substance in fine perfumery today. In floral fragrances, the lotus will be tender and powdery while for woody or oriental fragrances it will be its fresh and watery facets that will stand out.

With a few exceptions, the lotus note appears in the heart notes of pretty floral and green scents. “Absolutely absinthe” by Absolument Parfumeur exhales the note of lotus flower among a heart bouquet of white flowers, spices, galbanum and absinthe. For Swarovski and its green floral “Aura Eau de Mariage”, the lotus blends with the peony in a very floral, velvety and powdery heart like a call to spring. In Blue Charm by Azzaro, the lotus flower is paired with another beautiful Asian, the daphne flower, and the muted whiteness of lilac for a scent that is floral and green reminiscent of the magic of flowering trees in springtime. Asia...

The lotus flower, just like in Blue Charm, can be exploited by oriental perfumes as much for its fresh and green facet as for its scents from elsewhere, its delicious perfumes of Asia ... The pretty CALINE of Grès proposed by example a luxurious and sensual universe which offers notes of lotus in harmony with plum, silk tree and jasmine… For a guaranteed olfactory journey!

Of course, the very floral facets of the lotus are, as we can see, very much used in feminine perfumery. However, some male perfumes wanting to offer originality and a touch of freshness to woody or oriental scents, such as Bulgari Man, can exhale the lotus flower as a top note to offer these gentlemen the pleasure of a fresh starter. and very green without being lost in too feminine fragrances ...

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