Peach in perfumery

Peach in perfumery

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Peach: An Irresistibly Attractive Scent

The captivating aroma of peach entices the senses as it perfectly conveys its texture. Imagine fleshy, sweet, velvety perfumes with a touch of sensuality from its nectar. When we wear these scents, the illusion is complete! The first fruity fragrance, blended with flowers, paved the way for numerous compositions. "Anais Anais" from Cacharel was the pioneer in this realm. Creamy peach, yogurt peach, juicy peach, stewed peach – the peach offers perfume creators a plethora of delightful possibilities. Peach notes in perfumes are reconstituted using natural molecules called "lactones and gamma-undecalactone."

The Association of Peach with Other Fragrances

An exceptional pairing is that of peach with the scents of oriental perfumes. This is exemplified in the fragrance "Alchimie" by Rochas, where peach is found in the top note, accompanied by plum and bergamot. The heart notes feature jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley. In the base notes, vanilla and sandalwood add warmth to the perfume, resulting in a breathtaking fragrance that masterfully blends femininity, fruit, and seduction. Peach complements the floral family perfectly by accentuating the sweet and light aspects. Many flowers are often paired with peach, as in the perfume Amarige by Givenchy. Here, peach is also in the top note along with orange blossom, plum, and violet. The heart notes reveal jasmine and blackcurrant, while vanilla in the base notes warms the fragrance. The outcome is a woody warmth for an ultra-feminine scent that is simply irresistible.

In perfumery, peach has contributed its fruity, generous, fleshy side as well as its sparkling and fresh characteristics. Today, creators delight in crafting perfumes with peach. These scents are primarily feminine and offer diverse experiences. Peach is often combined with other fruits such as citrus or red fruits, and woods such as musk or cedar. The undeniably feminine alliance is frequently made with the floral family. Fresh, fleshy, and juicy, the peach fruit proves to be as delightful on our skin as it is in our mouths!

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