Piña Colada in perfumery

Piña Colada in perfumery

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The Pina Colada: The Scent of a Tropical Seaside Resort

The pina colada's tropical, sweet, and alluring aroma has found its way into numerous beauty products, cosmetics, and perfumes. Boasting a diverse palette of flavors, the pina colada offers fruity, sweet notes with a predominance of nut, coconut, or pineapple, sometimes combined with rum, providing delightful variations. The cocktail's tropical scents evoke refreshing beachside memories and transport us directly to a sunny seaside resort. Pina colada notes are utilized in shower gels, moisturizers, body scrubs, and feminine fragrances. Since it is impossible to extract essential oil from pineapple or coconut, their olfactory notes are synthetically reproduced in laboratories. Pina Colada is a popular choice in various products.

The Use of Pina Colada Notes in Perfumery

Pineapple has long been used in perfumery. It is found in floral and fruity fragrances, as in Amor Amor Summer by Cacharel or Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent. Today, pina colada is also used in the heart of essences that smell like the sun and the holidays. If it is still little used, we will find pina colada in floral and fruity scents as in "Rockin' Rio" and "Born in Paradise" by Escada. Of course, the pina colada offers its exotic and gourmet scents that smell like tropical islands. This is why it is currently challenging to incorporate the tone "Pina Colada" in other fragrances.

Tropical and summery cocktail par excellence, the pina colada does not stop its success. Invented in 1954, the pina colada has become one of the world's ten favorite cocktails. Its smell is sweet, sweet, and exotic, and that is why it is used in many shower gels or beauty creams. The pina colada note is also used in the perfumery, where it offers its tropical and seaside scents. If it is currently little used, it can be found in exotic, summer, and ultra-luminous perfumes.

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