Roman chamomile in perfumery

Roman chamomile in perfumery

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Roman chamomile, a divine flower that exudes green apple

The Roman chamomile, small flower of the fields, was consecrated by the Egyptians because it would be dedicated to Ra, the god of the sun. Its name comes from the ancient Greek meaning dwarf apple, recalling the pleasant scent it gives off.

If many old herbaria note its beautiful existence, it is especially the United Kingdom which made it a favorite choice among its nine sacred flowers. Moreover, in order to delicately celebrate the silver jubilee of Queen Elisabeth II, the English house Penhaligon's created a famous perfume Jubilee Bouquet in honor of her Majesty, bewitching with its chypre and floral notes and its note. of Roman chamomile head.

Today Roman chamomile is of course cultivated in the United Kingdom but also in France, Italy or even in Belgium. Resembling so mistakenly a small daisy, the little flower is picked and then distilled to obtain an essential oil with medicinal properties of course, but also olfactory.

Roman chamomile and fragrances with aromatic or fruity facets

If the very famous Anglo-Saxon perfume Jubilee Bouquet highlights the beautiful olfactory qualities of Roman chamomile, it remains however still little used by perfumers.

However, its scent, both very sweet and powerfully aromatic, attracts large noses to its use in top notes. Thus, we discover the Roman chamomile on two distinct olfactory families, the aromatic family (from which it normally comes) but also the floral family, each working it in order to sublimate the facet according to the juice.

Regarding floral fragrances, Roman chamomile is sweet and greedy to develop, depending on the creation of fruity florals such as Romance by Ralph Lauren or Cerruti 1881 for women by Cerruti, navy flowers such as Escape by Calvin. Klein or even green and gourmet flowers like Bazar Summer Fragrance by Christian Lacroix.

Roman chamomile will also be present, but in a rarer way, in aromatic woody-type masculine fragrances. Thanks to its sweet and aromatic facet, it will give power and originality to ferns that would like to renew the genre with modern compositions like Jovoy's The Art of War.

Roman chamomile has many olfactory qualities which timidly extend from floral fragrances for women and aromatic for men to other families of more surprising fragrances. It appears for example in the top note of the citrus Eternity Summer for Men by Calvin Klein or even in the original and oriental Chaos by Donna Karan without forgetting of course its presence in the famous flowery chypre Aromatics Elixir. From Clinique.

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