Wine dregs in perfumery

Wine dregs in perfumery

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White wine lees or green wine lees, notes of cognac wine lees or brandy flavored, the scents of our wines attract our curious noses towards perfumes that go off the beaten track… harvested!

The creation of the wine note in perfumery

First of all it seems necessary, before discovering the power of the scents of the wine note in perfumery, to recall the raw material of these pretty essential oils. Obviously, the wine lees are born from grapes harvested from different grape varieties and soils, which will then be vinified in metal vats or oak barrels. The wine dregs are the bottom of the liquid which will be collected to be bottled, trapped at the bottom of the tank the undesirable elements of the precious nectar form the dregs.

The interest of essential oils made from wine lees is quite simply in the variety of its active ingredients that can be found depending on the terroirs and wines. The essential oil of wine lees used in aromatherapy but also of course in perfumery, can thus take the form of its original vintage. Of course, perfumery was interested in this living and varied raw material which, depending on the provenance, the vintage where the terroir can take on multiple olfactory facets.

The most famous wine lees essential oils are green wine lees essential oil and white wine essential oil which is fruity more than the first. However, we can easily imagine that the wine note can be produced from any nectar to offer notes based on cognac or brandy and why not champagne?

Conceptual and original fragrances to exhale the wine note

As we have understood, the wine note is to perfumery what grape varieties, soils and vintages are to wines, fruity and also very varied raw materials! Fragrances based on notes of wine lees are relatively rare, however their olfactory and creative concept is so innovative that it is fitting to name them.

Une Rose by Frédéric Malle, released in 2003, uses the wine note associated with geranium to enrich its woody floral with absolutely new top notes, just like this fragrance which offers accords of rose, animal notes and notes. delicately wooded in a singular and complex whole.
The magnificent Bloody Wood by Liquides Imaginaires aims, through a fruity and chypre fragrance, to reproduce the perfumed sensations that its creator had felt during the tasting of a great Bordeaux wine. Logically, therefore, the wine note appears as a top note associated with roses and metallic notes.

Finally for Nevermore by Frapin, the wine lees is always a top note alongside rose oxide and aldehydes but is clearly associated with a cognac note. Maison Frapin is a legend in the world of cognac, it is therefore legitimate that this fragrance adheres to the historical values ​​of the house by using in particular wine lees for head notes that are both woody and light. amber and woody hearts and backgrounds reflecting the brand's image.

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