Clementine in perfumery

Clementine in perfumery

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The benefits of clementine

The composition of clementine is similar to other citrus fruits, with some peculiarities. Clementine contains almost 87% water, so it is a very thirst-quenching fruit. It also contains vitamin C, with an average rate of 41 mg per 100 mg of fruit, but also vitamin A, B and E. Clementine has even become a female first name. Indeed, the clementines have a very personal way of seeing life, full of paradoxes, they are independent, but also provocative The clementine, the fruit, gives off a strong odor, which stays in the room for a long time after it is finished. 'having peeled. The aromas that emerge are sweet, tangy, fine and sweet. This is why clementine is used in perfumery. Clementine essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the zest.

Clementine and its association with olfactory families

Clementine is a citrus fruit and as such, it is part of the Hesperidia olfactory family. So we find, quite naturally, clementine in citrus fragrances, and mainly in top note, as in Aqua Allegoria Orange Magnifica and Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain. Nevertheless, the clementine goes marvelously well with other olfactory families, as in the chypre compositions, in particular with Emotion by Pierre Cardin, a floral chypre. You can also discover clementine at the heart of oriental fragrances as in Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent or Classique Été 2012 by Jean-Paul Gaultier, or in Élixir des Merveilles, an oriental-woody from Hermès. where clementine is positioned as a top note, alongside orange pulp and chocolate.Of course, clementine makes us happy to be present at the heart of floral fragrances as in Rêve Enchanté by Van Cleef & Arpels, where clementine is in the top note alongside peach and neroli. Another floral (aquatic) where you will find clementine is Ô Oui by Lancôme. 

Made from a mixture of mandarin and orange, clementine is a particular fruit, much appreciated. It contains many vitamins for the body and allows you to fill them up in winter. Clementine is also used in perfumery. Because it is part of the citrus family, it offers generally volatile notes and is often positioned as a top note for its tangy freshness. It nevertheless associates with all the olfactory families and this allows us to find clementine at the heart of aromatic, floral, woody, chypre or oriental fragrances.

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