Frangipani in perfumery

Frangipani in perfumery

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Each year, we are particularly pleased to find the frangipani flower in the beautiful floral or oriental creations but especially summer creations of our favorite perfumery creators, the frangipani flower being particularly linked to solar notes.

Frangipani, the tree with magical powers from the Antilles

The frangipani is native to the West Indies, more particularly Venezuela, although today many tropical areas of the African or Asian continent benefit from this pretty fragrant tree.

In Asia, the frangipani is a sacred tree that is planted near temples or cemeteries. Very associated with the spirits, whatever the beliefs, the frangipani is never planted there near a house because for Asians it would shelter the lost souls of the deceased.

In Laos, the frangipani flower is also the national emblem because it is believed in East Asia that the frangipani is a tree of eternal life. Polynesia, very associated with this flower whereas in reality it is the tiare flower which is Polynesian, it remains very appreciated by the inhabitants who dedicate a spiritual worship to it.

Is it because of the scent of its white or pink flowers that the frangipani tree would be magical? Hard to say, however the exotic and deliciously vanilla and almond scents of the frangipani flower leave no one indifferent. It is therefore logical to find in our perfumes, the note of frangipani flower (nothing to do with the cake of course!) In pretty solar summer fragrances.

Our summer scents marvel at the solar delights of the frangipani note

As we have already seen, the frangipani flower and the tiare flower are often confused with each other: on the one hand because they resemble each other and on the other hand because their olfactory notes are associated. both with a solar note and summer waters.

The frangipani flower offers our perfumes powerful scents of vanilla and almond that give a good scent on holidays under the tropical sun. Thanks to the summer fragrance trend, the frangipani flower is particularly used for flowery fragrances in which its powdery and gourmet facet is revealed or flowery Orientals where it is the powerfully exotic facet of the frangipani that will be highlighted. .

For example, in florals, the frangipani flower is often a heart note. For Amor Amor Summer by Cacharel the frangipani flower is associated with rose and grenadine, for ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET Elixir by Givenchy and Couleur Kenzo Jaune Yellow, the note of frangipani is matched with jasmine and orange blossom.

Regarding oriental fragrances, Thierry Mugler associates the frangipani flower with floral notes in ALIEN Sunessence, Cacharel with the peony note in Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss. Yves Saint-Laurent, meanwhile, uses the frangipani flower in Manifesto L'Elixir to create a more original heart composition of frangipani, coconut and tiare.

The frangipani flower would therefore seem for the moment to be the preferred prerogative of almost exclusively female summer waters. Orientals, flowery or sometimes even citrus fragrances claim this beautiful flower with delicacy to adorn our skin warmed by the sun Exoticism par excellence!

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