Lily of the valley in perfumery

Lily of the valley in perfumery

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The use of lily of the valley in perfumery

The note of lily of the valley is frequently used in fine perfumery but also to perfume interior products. In the 16th century, the scent of lily of the valley was already very popular. Moreover, a chic and distinguished young man was called lily of the valley. Lily of the valley is a delicate and complicated natural material to exploit. Lily of the valley flowers cannot be extracted or distilled to obtain fragrant essences, but other essences can be used for its reproduction. Nowadays, lily of the valley is often used as the heart note of a feminine fragrance, but in synthetic form. Many scents of the floral family are accented with lily of the valley. The composition of these perfumes are dominated by lily of the valley accords. Some fragrances use lily of the valley in combination withother materials such as honeysuckle, orange blossom, hawthorn and cyclamen in their middle note. Note that lily of the valley, whatever its use, is an extremely poisonous plant. Consuming thrush, even in small amounts, can lead to death within minutes.

Fragrances designed with lily of the valley

Many perfumes contain a scent of lily of the valley. We have selected two famous fragrances that have a note of lily of the valley in their composition. Launched in 1956, Diorissimo de Dior is in addition to being an icon, the fragrance that best expresses the scent of lily of the valley. Lily of the valley is Christian Dior's favorite flower, it is also the emblem of his fashion house. Created by Edmond Rounitska who complained about the confectionery and synthetic trend of post-war perfume smells, the designer chose to select lily of the valley which is a material with a natural scent but far removed from cooking aromas. We recognize from the start the lightness of the ylang-ylang of Mayotte which gives a serene and pure sensation. The lily of the valley accord is in the middle note with a subtle fruity green note. As a base note, theEgyptian jasmine absolute brings sweetness to this fresh feminine scent made from lily of the valley.

Another classic fragrance made with a note of lily of the valley is Anaïs Anaïs de Cacharel. Created in 1978 but launched in 1985, the fragrance was reformulated in 2014. The desired image is a sweet but attractive blooming girl. The repetition of the first name Anaïs marks both the innocence and the sensuality of a lolita. The lily of the valley accord in this perfume is composed with hyacinth, jasmine and orange blossom to form the scent of lily because no natural essence is extracted from it. Woody, amber and leathery notes form the basis of this perfume with a slight scent of lily of the valley.

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