Orange blossom in perfumery

Orange blossom in perfumery

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History and characteristics of orange blossom

Orange blossom is the white flower of the sour orange. The craze for orange blossom in Arabia extended to the Islamic Empire and Spain. It was not until the 11th century that orange blossom was introduced by the Crusaders to other European countries, starting with Sicily, then in Provence. The Duchess of Braccio and Princess of Néroli, Anne-Marie Orsini used orange blossom as a perfume for her bath and her clothes at the end of the 17th century.
Too fragile to be distilled, the Arabs who greatly appreciated the scent of orange blossom had improved a Greek still system to separate orange blossom from its volatile components, this is the beginning of essential oil. of orange blossom.

In perfumery, orange blossom has a floral, waxy, sweet, powdery and green scent. Compared to the essence of Neroli obtained with similar flowers, orange blossom smells more heavily. Orange blossoms are intended for the design of oriental and floral arrangements.

Orange blossom fragrances

The Narcisse Noir de Caron fragrance expresses all the magnificence of orange blossom. It is a fragrance released in 1911 and remains a classic in perfumery today. However, it was reformulated in the 2000s. It now sports a formal orange blossom, measured, silky and intense. It emanates like a muffled scent certainly replacing the animal scent that there was initially. Orange blossom has a second skin effect and very soft in this scent even though the style is opulent. Sandalwood and white musks serve as a base note. As for the eau de toilette of the same name, it smells of edible orange blossom, musky and tonic which removes all the mystery of the original fragrance.

Calvin Klein's CK One Summer fragrance also explodes with orange blossom. The designer has concocted this time an exotic-style fragrance with a fruity heart note. We can smell the guava and especially the orange blossom it contains. Its sweetness is slightly woody with a note of cedar. With this scent, the orange blossom makes summer smell.

Lolita Lempicka's L represents the very feminine orange blossom scent. This fragrance is delicious by associating orange blossom and vanilla with notes of neroli, mandarin, bergamot, it is very invigorating. The orange blossom is also slightly caramelized with a note of patchouli, amber and woody. L is smooth, soft and comfortable. An impression of wisdom emerges there.

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