Apple in perfumery

Apple in perfumery

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The forbidden fruit is a source of inspiration

Symbol of the forbidden fruit which goes back to the beginning, the apple is a real source of inspiration for the creators of perfumes. The latter are inspired by the fragrances of yesterday to bring them a more voluptuous and more carnal side. Fruity notes have always been part of the components of perfumes, however it was the citrus that was used the most at the beginning of the century. It is since the 90s that perfumers have tried new fruits such as melon, peach, apple or lychee. We then think of the perfume Nina by Nina Ricci, or even the bottle is in the shape of a candy apple… Here, the gourmet floral blend is sprinkled with a veil of candy apple. Nina is not only feminine at will, but it has become a real object of envy. Nina Ricci also highlighted the green apple by creating Love by Nina. A heart of green apple mixed with frangipane and lychee… A real delight. 

The marriage of apples with olfactory families

All existing varieties of apple must be mixed with an olfactory family or a facet. Apples go marvelously well with other fruits, flowers, spices, aromatics… Among the most breathtaking scents, we remember Boss pour homme, Hugo Boss. The blend of cinnamon and apple is accompanied by a woody base with notes of cedarwood, rosewood and cedarwood. An improbable result, but resolutely masculine! Apples also make it possible to create gourmet and very attractive perfumes, which are particularly popular. Certain blends unite the apple with several olfactory families, such as the Dalilight fragrance by Salvator Dali. Here, the apple is in the top note with tangerine and lemon. In base notes, we find ambergris, Atlas cedar and white musk. Finally, jasmine and white peach settle in as heart notes. The result is a fresh blend, very light and incredibly sweet. 

If the apple has been around for a long time, its integration into a perfume dates mainly from the 90s. With all the varieties it offers, the apple is an infinite source for perfume creators. Sometimes fresh, sometimes sensual or greedy, the apple knows how to be appreciated. Today it holds a place of choice among creators. In addition, it goes perfectly well with the different olfactory families, which is not negligible.

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