Broom in perfumery

Broom in perfumery

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The small yellow shrub has existed in the wild for centuries which has given it the origin of two beautiful legends Today the broom and its slightly bitter honey notes allow the creation of great flowery and fresh juices that have propelled the genet absolute among the preferred raw materials of perfumers.

Genet: the pretty scented flower with the taste of beautiful legends!

The genet was for a long time a wild plant which grew where it wanted it, while not forgetting to cross the path of the great ones of this world… The Celtic legend relates for example that the imaginary woman with the face of flowers Blodeuwedd, pure creation of king Math a magician, was made with flowers of broom and queen of the near associated with oak.

Later we talk about more than the beauty of the genet, its hallucinogenic properties! Thus Geoffroy V, known as the Beautiful, met, during one of his rides near Le Mans in 1128, a unicorn with the head of a woman in the middle of a field of broom. Upset by this meeting, he decided to make the genet the emblem of his dynasty, hence the nickname Plantagenet for this branch which reigned supreme during much of the Middle Ages!

The genet is therefore a symbolic flower whose unique fragrance inspires dreams and enchants its admirers, conquered. Quite naturally, perfumery seized the absolute of genet and the beautiful mythical production of Grasse to make floral but also fruity fragrances.

Genet absolute for flowery and fruity scents

Between citrus and floral juices the heart of the broom swings! Finally, the note of genet goes well with citrus notes for its bitter side, as with floral notes for its honeyed side.

Thus the note of genet makes a first noticeable appearance thanks to Eau Sauvage Extrême by Christian Dior in 1984 which uses the genet as a heart note to associate it with top citrus and chypre base notes. Despite the great success of this juice, the note of genet will not appear for a long time in an exclusively male fragrance

From Dune by Christian Dior to Grand Amour by Annick Goutal or even Premier Jour by Nina Ricci, the note of genet is part of the beautiful feminine floral juices alongside notes of white flowers, fruity notes or even woody notes. The touch of genet highlights with its subtle scents the heart of these beautiful perfumes

Perfumery loves the genet, and the genet gives it back. A typical flower in the tradition of perfume flowers from Grasse, the broom is expressed through associations in all facets of its beauty. Although it is no longer hallucinogenic, it remains as delicate as it is intoxicating!


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