Geranium in perfumery

Geranium in perfumery

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In perfumery, essential oil is used. This is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and stems. Perfumery also uses geranium absolute, obtained by extraction with volatile solvents.

Geranium, essential for Fern notes

No, geranium is not only used to decorate our balconies… This pretty fragrant plant is of great importance in the heart of perfumery. Geranium essential oil reminds us of the scent of roses. Geranium gives the compositions a round, sweet and above all very flowery fragrance. Although it may sound surprising, geranium is mainly used in men's perfumes. In addition, the geranium note is essential for the creation of notes of the fern olfactory family. It will be found mainly in the middle note. Great perfumes come from this beautiful note which so pleases perfumers. Among them, we will remember Cacharel pour homme by Cacharel, Azzaro pour homme, l'eau by Azzaro or Boss selection by Hugo Boss.

The association of geranium and other olfactory fragrances

Geranium is an integral part of the fern notes. As such, it blends wonderfully with woody and chypre fragrances. As for the perfume Cacharel pour homme by Cacharel, where geranium, always in the top note, is associated in base note with cedarwood, vetiver and amber. Warm woods and amber are often associated with geranium in masculine compositions and bring a touch of elegant seduction. Geranium is also used in the design of citrus, aromatic and floral scents. In Yves Saint-Laurent's aromatic Kouros fragrance, geranium is accompanied by jasmine, carnation and cinnamon. The release of Kouros delighted men, who found it to have a scent very different from current animal notes.Its invigorating freshness and intense trail still perpetuate the success of this fragrance. Geranium sometimes creates surprises by cutting into feminine fragrances. As for 1881 in bloom, by Cerruti. Here, geranium is associated with jasmine and violet. A floral fragrance that gradually evolves towards a musky trail supported by amber and vanilla.

Kings of windows and balconies, geranium is a very pretty and very fragrant plant. Geranium essential oil has many therapeutic virtues. It is also widely used in perfumery. Geranium offers odors similar to that of rose. It gives off sweet and flowery fragrances. Its notes are essential in the creation of fern compositions, and are mainly used in men's perfumes.

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