Ginger in perfumery

Ginger in perfumery

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Ginger and its essential oil produced in perfumery

Ginger is a perennial plant of about 1 meter in height that is called rhizomatous. Discovered more than 2,000 years ago in Asia, it was brought back to Ancient Egypt and then to the Romans for its healing properties. Since the Middle Ages, ginger (well its rhizome more precisely) has been considered as a powerful aphrodisiac which has also created many legends. So history would like, for example, that Louis XV is regularly embalmed in places where he meets his sweetheart (Madame du Barry) with the invigorating and lemony scent of ginger and that she succumbed to his charms thanks to the magical scent of the oriental rhizome!

Anyway, from the discovery of the distillation of spices in essential oils, the perfumery worked with passion to use all the sweet and delicate spices such as ginger, offering perfumes from elsewhere to women but also to men. who dreamed of oriental trips.
The essential oil produced by the rhizomes of ginger is a luxury raw material in perfumery, however the creators have never lacked creativity to highlight it in their most beautiful fragrances.

The family of oriental fragrances and ginger

After centuries of intoxication with the spices of our delicate noses, spicy scents lost some of their aura at the beginning of the last century for lighter scents such as Eau de Cologne. However, since the creation of Shalimar by Guerlain in 1925 which brought oriental perfumes up to date, many other fragrances for women and then for men used spices.

Often used as a heart note for the power of its fragrance and the durability of its scent, ginger is very often associated with the spicy and woody masculine family, but also with hesperids.
Certainly one of the first and most famous perfumes using ginger for men would be Declaration by Cartier, which in 1998 brought spicy woods back to the taste of the day with its warm notes of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon associated with notes of cedar.
Regarding the male citrus family, you will find many fragrances that will show the freshness of citrus fruits on spicy base notes in the range of sporting and virile perfumes such as Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel.

As far as feminine perfumes are concerned, the entry of ginger among the raw materials is older but has nevertheless remained more discreet. However, to this day, some great perfumers no longer hesitate to combine the powerful spice of ginger with florals as in Lancôme's Miracle or to decline again and again the oriental family towards ever more surprising blends such as Armani Code. Woman from Armani.

Thus, the warm and sensual scents of ginger known for millennia have not ceased to be available in many perfumes. Today this natural raw material seems to be, like its cousin cardamom, totally up to date.
Finally, for unconditional ginger lovers, we certainly offer you one of the most successful perfumes of recent years around the spice: Five O'Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens. An exceptional and totally addicting juice!

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