Fruit basket in perfumery

Fruit basket in perfumery

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The fruit, whether red or green, whether traditional from our orchards such as strawberries or apples, or exotic such as guava or papaya or mango, is in many feminine fragrances. The fruit basket is therefore the worthy representative of all these sweet and gourmet tastes in a single note.

Fruits, perfumes and especially women!

Since the transition to the millennial level, fruits have invaded perfumes, especially feminine, with their sweet and gourmet scents for our greatest pleasure. They appeal to everyone for their healthy and natural fragrances which are exhibited in the juices of the creators but also in the drinks (the fashion of the famous smoothies and other high-vitamin cocktails) without forgetting of course in the desserts of the compote with the jam without forgetting pies and other cakes.

Thanks to the fruits, perfumers appeal to all women whether European, Anglo-Saxon or even Asian, until now rather resistant to perfumes. Why ? Because fruits are reassuring, fruits are healthy and evoke everything that gluttony and emotion give us: happiness!

We draw our inspiration from all angles, in nature, with the recent discovery of spices or wood, but also in food. The current craze for world food is, for example, stimulating specifies Olivier Cresp, creator of perfumery.

This is to say if the note of fruit basket can be intoxicating and mysterious. Because basically, do we know what our favorite perfumers are offering in their basket as fruit?

The fruit basket note in perfumery

What can noses and designers slip into the fruit basket note? The question is open and there are many interpretations: raspberry, apple, cherry, strawberry, orange? Difficult to say, however the fruit basket is placed in pretty fragrances often floral, sometimes oriental or chypre but always delicious.

In Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, a pretty gourmet floral, the note of fruit basket settles in the heart associated with orange blossom and jasmine. Original and sweet hearts that will give way to a gourmet trail while being slightly chypre. Herrera Tuberose by Carolina Herrera, offers the note of fruit basket also in heart notes married to solar notes of tuberose and ylang-ylang. For Somei Yoshino Parfums Berdoues, the pairings are delicately Asian to travel in perfumes in the Japan of cherry blossoms. Thus the fruit basket offers pep and tone to the bouquet of floral heart notes.
The fruit basket note seems to be totally at home with the floral scent family. This does not prevent him from rubbing shoulders with Orientals such as Angel Edition Passion by Thierry Mugler or chypres like Mojito Cyprus by Parfumerie Générale. Almost always as a heart note, the fruit basket offers its sweet scents to pretty fragrances.

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