Lemon blossom in perfumery

Lemon blossom in perfumery

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However, the rare and precious lemon blossom note will exhale its scents in pretty floral, oriental or woody bottles.

Lemon and lemon blossom

Born in the south of the Asian continent, the lemon and its venerable lemon tree have been known to Mesopotamians for at least 4000 years. Renowned besides as an effective anti-poison, the lemon would have protected in ancient times two prisoners from the venom of the viper sting It is perhaps for this reason that the Hindus protect the neck of their sacred representations of necklaces of lemons .

The lemon tree was brought back to Europe by Alexander the Great and it was not long before we discovered its many properties, particularly antiseptics, used against the terrible scurvy sickness of long-haul sailors. From an olfactory point of view, lemon or rather its zest, was one of the raw materials of choice for the first colognes. The citrus fragrance family, resulting from these colognes, was created around these citrus notes made from lemon zest.

As for the lemon blossom, it is used in perfumery for its floral and green facets which, although they can be confused, do not resemble the lemon note except for the citrus facet of course.

The lemon blossom note in our perfumes

One of the very first designers to use the lemon blossom note in his fragrances was Serge Lutens with his two fragrances Datura Noir Collection Beige Eau de Parfum then Lemon Blossoms.

In the first fragrance, an original fruity floral, the lemon blossom note is associated with neroli, petit grain and nutmeg in the top notes. In Fleurs de citronnier, released in 2004, the ode to the flower with solar and warm notes of lemon tree combines the same raw materials in the top note while replacing the flower with the lemon leaf in order to offer the note of lemon blossom in the heart accompanied by white honey and tuberose. Note, however, that this magnificent ode to the flower of oriental and flowery lemon tree, must have suffered from its confusion with the lemon note, which prompted Serge Lutens to assert his anti colognes bias.

Then the lemon blossom note often married with fruity notes to offer pretty floral-fruity notes thus evoking freshness and flower as with Aquazun and Aquazur by Lancaster where the lemon blossom used for summer juices. is offered as a top note associated with other citrus fruits or orange blossom.

Although the lemon blossom note is typically associated with floral and feminine fragrances, it can also find beautiful accords to develop in masculine scents that will sublimate its different facets. Thus Bogart Homme associated it with rosemary, where BlackSoul by Ted Lapidus married it with orange blossom, spices and aromatics for a beautiful aromatic oriental juice.

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