Oak moss in perfumery

Oak moss in perfumery

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Oakmoss, a complex smell

Oakmoss gives off a more than complex smell. There are about 80 substances with different odors, so much so that no synthetic component can exactly reproduce the smell of oak moss. Its fragrance is strong, earthy, humid, moldy, woody and even slightly smoky at the same time. The smell of oak moss can make us think of mushrooms, undergrowth, leaves, but also of marine notes such as seaweed We can say that, at first glance, its olfactory note does not is not very attractive. Oakmoss is often used in base notes, as a fixer for volatile notes. Oakmoss is used in many men's fragrances but also in some well-known feminine fragrances such as Mitsouko by Guerlain, a fruity chypre that cannot be forgotten.

Oakmoss, the basis of amber and chypre fragrances

For the diversity of scents it brings, oakmoss is very popular with noses. It is mainly used in amber and chypre fragrances. It brings warmth, intensity, richness and depth to it. As for the Cabochard fragrance from Grès, where we find oak moss as a base note, accompanied by vetiver. In the heart note, Grès has integrated very floral notes such as jasmine, iris, rose and geranium. As a base note, we discover citrus fruits as well as fruity and spicy notes. This perfume has seduced many women, with its complex fragrances and its multiple facets. Very sophisticated and ultra feminine, Cabochard became upon its release in 1959, THE chypre fragrance that a woman necessarily needs! Furthermore,oakmoss goes perfectly with flowers, citrus, fruit, vanilla and resinous accords. We can exceptionally find it in an oriental perfume This is what makes oak moss, an essential material that perfume designers love.

Due to its complexity and its multifaceted smell, oakmoss is essential in fine perfumery. It offers warm, warm, woody and powerful notes. It also serves as a fixer for lighter notes. Oakmoss is particularly used with woody and amber fragrances. However, it goes perfectly with floral, vanilla and citrus notes… A dream for noses.

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