Water lily in perfumery

Water lily in perfumery

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The water lily, a soft and sensual plant

The water lily evokes purity, softness and also freshness. The water lily is used for skin care (body milk, makeup remover) thanks to its moisturizing, astringent and remineralizing properties. The water lily is suitable for young, combination, dull and dehydrated skin. The water lily gives off a floral, sweet and sensual scent. The water lily is used in perfumery, most often in feminine and floral compositions as a heart note, where it brings a heady tone. As it is also an excellent fixer, the water lily also allows to deepen the base notes of a perfume.

The water lily and its use in perfumery

Thanks to its softness and its floral tones, the water lily is used in niche perfumery within floral composition as in Eden by Cacharel. Here, the water lily goes wonderfully well with the lotus flower and the orange blossom. Other floral fragrances where we discover the water lily is Yellow Diamond by Versace, a luminous fragrance where the water lily accompanies mimosa, freesia and orange blossom. Then, in the heart of Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce & Gabbana. Here the water lily is positioned as a heart note alongside white amaryllis, daffodil and various varieties of rose.

Magnificent aquatic flower, the water lily adorns our pools with softness and beauty. Used in cosmetics, the water lily is also used in perfumery. It gives off a floral scent, soft and slightly sensual. Still little used, the water lily fits wonderfully into the heart of floral feminine fragrances.

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