Grapefruit in perfumery

Grapefruit in perfumery

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Grapefruit, a tonic accord of the citrus family

The hesperidia family is the eldest of the olfactory family. It includes all citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, tangerine and therefore grapefruit. Here, it is fresh, fruity notes that dominate. We can say that grapefruit is the most tonic of all. Tonic, exuberant but volatile, grapefruit is often found in the top notes. As with every perfume, it is necessary to wait until you feel the heart notes, before imagining the perfume as a whole. At first, citrus fragrances like grapefruit were primarily intended for feminine fragrances. Today, we find grapefruit in many men's fragrances, as is the case with Invictus by Paco Rabanne. The grapefruit top note brings here its tonic side. Opposed to marine and woody notes,this scent is that of a modern-day seducer.

The other fragrances and grapefruit

Over time, the grapefruit accords widened. We first integrated the floral notes, including the citrus-floral facet, currently has many known fragrances. Then, the grapefruit was enriched with woody (sandalwood, patchouli), amber (vanilla, labdanum), aromatic (thyme, lavender) or chypre (bergamot) notes. The floral notes have the role of prolonging the grapefruit note, which is too volatile. This is why we often meet grapefruit associated with flowers, as in the perfume Amor Amor by Cacharel. Here, we therefore find grapefruit as a top note. Accompanied in heart notes by jasmine and lily of the valley, and in base notes by vanilla and ambergris, among others. Perfume of lovers par excellence, Amor Amor seduces all in subtlety. A great perfume!

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit with juicy pulp. A component of the citrus family just like the lemon or the orange, the grapefruit has conquered its letters of nobility. Essentially used as a top note, grapefruit brings a touch of freshness and tone. It is found as well in perfumes for women as for men. Grapefruit is also present in floral, woody, aromatic, chypre or amber accords. Here again, it brings an invigorating freshness to the composition. From these accords are born very, very great perfumes. We can say that the grapefruit has successfully crossed the different modes.

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