Green Orange in perfumery

Green Orange in perfumery

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Green orange

Although it is not common to encounter them, some oranges are green. In reality, oranges only take on their eponymous colors when they are cold. If the orange remains green, it means that its temperature is very high (around 30 °). Its chlorophyll thus remains in the majority and the orange pigments do not appear. Green oranges are found mainly in Thailand. There, it is called Thai orange and is mainly drunk in fruit juice called naam som. The smell of orange will be different depending on whether it is a sweet, bitter or green orange! Flowers and orange leaves are extremely popular in perfumery. If orange was already known in perfumery, green orange offers new scents.

Green orange and perfumery

The green orange is part of citrus fruits, therefore of the olfactory family of Hesperidia. Green orange blends sweet and tangy notes with fresh and lively notes. Green orange is used less than the so-called classic orange. Nevertheless, it is the Hermès house that has highlighted it by calling one of these perfumes Eau d'Orange Verte. This fragrance is not only inspired by the smell of a wet undergrowth, but also by that of a morning dew. Eau d'Orange Verte is considered a citrus explosion and is built around green orange. For the moment, green orange is not yet widely used in niche perfumery, but it offers new smells that beg to be exploited.

Green orange surprises with its color, but its history is that of the classic orange. Still little known in perfumery, it nevertheless gives off flavors that are both sweet and bitter, tangy and fresh.

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