Immortelle in perfumery

Immortelle in perfumery

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The immortal, a strong personality

The first smell that emerges from the immortal is that of curry. Then, we realize that this pretty plant gives off other scents similar to rose and chamomile. Honey, sweet, but also salty and spicy fragrances. Immortelle gives real personality to floral, chypre or amber arrangements. Guerlain has included the immortal in several of its perfumes, notably in Cuir Beluga. Here, the immortal is positioned as a top note accompanied by tangerine and aldehyde notes. With vanilla and amber, the base brings an impressive roundness. Cuir Beluga is a modern, even luxurious fragrance. The immortelle offers intoxicating notes, like the Corsican maquis. The immortelle is unfortunately little used in fine perfumery, perhaps precisely because of its strong personality.

The association of the immortal with the other olfactory facets

Immortelle goes wonderfully with floral or amber notes. In Côte d'Amour by the Artisan Parfumeur, the immortelle is found in the heart note, alongside the rose and the cypress. With the aquatic notes in mind, Côte d'Amour is a fresh fragrance with iodized accents. The immortelle also proves to us that it can be integrated into a beautiful oriental perfume. El Attarine by Serge Lutens. This fragrance remains an astonishing composition, but irresistible. Here, we find the immortelle in base note, accompanied by amber and wood. Notes of flowers, a woody trail and a spicy heart (thanks to cumin) make this fragrance a solar oriental, incredibly sweet. Another very beautiful oriental fragrance (vanilla) for women is L, by Lolita Lempicka. Immortelle can also be found in men's fragrances,as in Fuel for Life It, by Diesel. Associated with aromatic, fern, oriental or woody notes, the immortelle proves that it can be where you don't expect it!

The immortelle can be recognized by its sunny yellow flowers and silvery reflections. The immortelle has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also widely used in cosmetics. Immortelle has a powerful fragrance. Alternately, like rose, chamomile, honey or curry, the everlasting amazes everyone with its many facets. It goes wonderfully well with floral, woody, amber scents, but it has surprised us by imposing itself with oriental or aromatic notes.

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