Kiwi in perfumery

Kiwi in perfumery

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Kiwi in Perfumery

Although it is currently impossible to extract essential oil or absolute directly from kiwi fruit for perfumery, the unique fruity and tangy scent of kiwi has captured the attention of fragrance creators. They have managed to synthetically develop a kiwi note using esters, which emulate the tangy and green aroma of the fruit, making it an ideal ingredient for light and fruity fragrances.

Kiwi in Summer Fragrances

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the perfume industry to create summer fragrances. These light, airy variations of classic perfumes or entirely new creations are designed to evoke a refreshing, ephemeral sensation during the warmer months. The kiwi note fits this trend perfectly, as its freshness complements both floral and fruity compositions.

Perfumes featuring kiwi notes are relatively rare and predominantly found in women's fragrances. However, several renowned perfume houses have incorporated kiwi into their compositions. Depending on the perfumer's choice, the kiwi note can be found in the top or heart notes of a fragrance, often in combination with floral and fruity elements. Notable examples include Aqua Allegoria - Tutti Kiwi by Guerlain, So by Oscar de la Renta, Amour d'Amandier by Nina Ricci, and Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren.

Fun fact: The kiwi fruit is native to China and was once known as the Chinese gooseberry. It was later renamed kiwi after its introduction to New Zealand, as the fruit's fuzzy exterior resembles the small, flightless kiwi bird native to the country.

More recently, the kiwi note made a notable appearance in the top notes of ALIEN Sunessence Edition Or d'Ambre by Mugler. In this fragrance, the oriental and fruity notes combine with a sparkling, solar quality, resulting in a lighter amber scent. The kiwi note has also been featured in a few men's summer fragrances, such as the woody-aromatic Cool Water Deep by Davidoff, L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer 2013 by Issey Miyake, and Ibiza Playboy by PLAYBOY.

Although rare, the kiwi note brings a unique and precious quality to the fragrances it graces. It has the potential to enhance the most exquisite scents, making an appearance precisely when its flavors and aromas can be showcased to their fullest potential.

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