Lychee in perfumery

Lychee in perfumery

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Lychee, the exotic fruit par excellence

Lychee is a fruit tree of the sapindaceae family and produces an edible fruit with the same name. It is a tropical tree whose name comes from the Cantonese lai zi. So, as the latter suggests, it is a tree native to China. In this country, its culture has been documented for more than 2100 years. Nevertheless, the latter has since been introduced in many other tropical regions such as India, Vietnam, Madagascar, Thailand, Hawaii, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion, New -Caledonia or Brazil. To be more precise, know that lychee was imported to Reunion in 1764 by Pierre Poivre and Joseph François Charpentier. This is how he entered our French culture.

This medium-sized tree reaches a height of 15 to 20 m and has a fairly round silhouette. It is very famous for its fruit forming a small sphere 3 to 4 cm in diameter. This is surrounded by a leathery shell with a scaly appearance and having a pink to red color. The more reddish its color, the more it means that the fruit is ripe. The latter grows in clusters. The interior of this fruit contains a pulpy part, white in color, fragrant, juicy and rich in vitamin C. Similarly, in the center of this is the seed of the lychee, brown in color and oblong shape, which resembles a small elongated chestnut. However, the latter should not be consumed.

The extraction of the smell of lychee and its perfume

The fragrant lychee note is mainly used in feminine fragrances. It most often accompanies a floral bouquet, giving it more cheerfulness and exoticism. However, like many fruits, it is not possible to extract an essential oil directly from its pulp. Thus, the flavor of lychee is reproduced in the laboratory. It is notably designed using cis rose oxide, a molecule with the same odor and existing naturally in rose or geranium.

Today, lychee sublimates many very delicate and feminine fragrances. It gives them a very elegant and joyful aura, affixing them the image of an alluring and seductive woman. As such, it is featured in Burberry Summer as well as in Chloé's Eau de Parfum.

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