Dihydromyrcénol in perfumery

Dihydromyrcénol in perfumery

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What is hidden under the barbaric name and Dihydromyrcénol?

Dihydromyrcenol was developed by the company International Flavors & Fragrances, otherwise known as IFF. It appeared for the very first time in the iconic Azzaro pour Homme fragrance from 1975 and then occupied 2% of its composition. Dihydromyrcenol has an instantly recognizable odor that is often present in men's perfumery. It is at the same time clean, fresh, difficult to describe and yet very distinctive. This molecule is essential in the woody fougère family of perfumes for men. It immediately brings a feeling of cleanliness, both floral and fruity. Its olfactory facet is close to lime while resting on an amber background. It leaves behind an impression of clean laundry and a smell similar to that of washing powder.It would almost be enough to close your eyes for a moment to imagine a man fresh out of the shower and wearing a white shirt, immaculately ironed and still unbuttoned.

The somewhat enticing smell of Dihydromyrcenol

Many men admit that Dihydromyrcénol has a real euphoric effect on them. It is also necessary to know how to measure it perfectly… Indeed, if it is too concentrated, the Dihydromyrcénol can have a side too close to that of the bar of soap. It then becomes too primed. In other words, Dihydromyrcénol requires a perfect mastery of the art of perfumery. On the olfactory level, Dihydromyrcénol is somewhat similar to calone, another synthetic molecule but having more iodine connotations. In other words, Dihydromyrcénol leaves behind a cleaner and less “seawater” feeling than calone. On the other hand, some deplore its metallic effect, leaving almost more a sensation of taste than smell. If the Dihydromyrcénol is not dosed sparingly,it can quickly become similar to the same sensation that you feel when you suck your cut finger until it bleeds… Not very tasty indeed! Everything is then a question of assembly. To appear in its best light, Dihydromyrcénol must pass into the expert hands of a perfumer and be sublimated by its environment. Nevertheless, the many fragrances containing this ingredient have shown us that this is largely possible.the many fragrances containing this ingredient have shown us that this is largely possible.the many fragrances containing this ingredient have shown us that this is largely possible.

Among the most emblematic juices containing Dihydromyrcenol, many of you are those who have already succumbed to the smell of Ck One by Calvin Klein as well as that of Cool Water juice by Davidoff.

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