Orange in perfumery

Orange in perfumery

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Orange, a tangy candy fragrance

The orange has a sweet, fresh, very tangy smell. Like its citrus olfactory family, orange offers compositions joyful, cheerful, luminous and sparkling fragrances. The notes of orange are fresh and light. However, these are volatile notes, which do not last long on the skin. For this, they are associated with stronger notes, such as animal notes known to be excellent fixatives. This is why we will find the orange notes mainly in the top note, and often in the composition of floral perfumes, as in Le Paradis de Nina by Nina Ricci. Here, orange is associated with mandarin (top note), which accentuates the sparkling and sweet side. This perfume in an apple bottle is an invitation to contemporary fairy tales.A perfume that distills magical and oh so sparkling accords.

The association of orange with other olfactory families in perfumery

Orange, as well as the citrus olfactory family goes perfectly with floral notes. In these compositions, orange generously offers its sweet and tangy fragrances. Orange is also associated with woody notes. This is the case in the perfume for men Cologne Blanche by Dior. Here, orange, always in the top note (with rosemary) is associated with orange blossom in the middle note, and with vanilla and sweet almond in the base note. Dior, who wished to reinvent cologne here, chose a soft and amber fragrance, a classic brown… A sober and pure masculine scent. Orange also goes well with chypre notes such as patchouli or sandalwood. This is the case in the perfume 24 Faubourg by Hermès. Orange and bergamot top notes bring a sparkling trail.The heart is mainly floral with iris, Tairé flowers and jasmine, which offers a very special radiance. The chypre background brings a sensual background. 24 Faubourg is unmistakably bright and sunny, just like femininity.

Everyone knows the sweet orange as a fruit. It has long been used in perfumery and belongs to the citrus family, just like lemon or tangerine. Orange gives the compositions sparkling, fresh and tangy notes like a summer candy. We discover the orange in essentially floral scents, but it can also impose itself with woody, chypre or aromatic notes.

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