Sea water in perfumery

Sea water in perfumery

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Sea water in a bottle

If seawater has many health benefits, our body is not left out. The aquatic element is very popular with perfumers, mainly in the summer period. Because niche perfumery is not necessarily synonymous with opulence, aquatic notes currently have their place. In 1992, Issey Miayke launches a perfume which highlights the notes of water explaining I wanted a perfume that smells of water L'Eau d'Issey came out in 1992, and although the fashion was for notes marines, L'Eau d'Issey immediately appeals to women.

The association of aquatic notes with the different olfactory families

The aquatic notes offer tones that are both very fresh, iodine, light and revitalizing. The notes Sea water or aquatic are of course reproduced in the laboratory in a synthetic way. Often aquatic notes are an alternative to perfumers who very often use citrus fruits as fresh notes. After Issey Miayke, many perfumers have used aquatic notes to create atypical essences. Among them, we note Néroli Portofino Aqua by Tom Ford. Here, Tom Ford puts the spotlight on Portofino, a small Italian town. We also note Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani and all its variations which mix marine notes with floral or aromatic notes. Alberto Morilla, one of the noses of Acqua Di Gio,attests Each of us is sensitive to this smell of the seaside which immediately makes you happy

Behind a certain form of minimalism, the aquatic notes surprise, innovate and offer unusual fragrances. Today, many noses have their water scent, because it symbolizes not only freshness, but also freedom, the beach, the spray, and especially travel.

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